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No energy, no interests


I'm new here and hoping to find some help that medication just hasn't given me.

I was diagnosed with depression in the 90s while in my early 40s. At first I was prescribed paxil. In approximately 2005, my doctor switched me to fluoxitine. Sometime after 2010, I was switched to bupropion. In October of 2015, I had a major depressive episode, and venlafaxine was added with the bupropion. I don't feel panic or anxiety, and I no longer have days of sadness. What I seem to suffer from now is a lack of energy and interest. The odd thing is that I have a part-time job two days a week that I enjoy. At home, however, I have very little motivation to do anything. I want to get things accomplished, but I end up lying on my bed and reading random articles on my phone. Sometimes I watch informative videos. I also work puzzles from the newspaper.

I feel really guilty because if I were told this about someone else, I would think they were just lazy. Maybe I am, but I sincerely want to get up and work on something. This could send me back into a deep depression.

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Hi there and welcome: I can empathize with the lack of motivation as I have experienced that at times-

The thing is that Action precedes Motivation: if you do one small thing could be a chore you have been putting off or something else: What would you like to do with your free time ? Make a short list and make a plan to do 1 thing off the list and that progress will help to motivate to do something else off the list maybe the next way:

Hannah.. .

hi, how do you feel on the two days you work, are you tired then. it sounds like when you have nothing to get up for, and nothing to look forward to in your day you lose your motivation and this probably makes you feel down. could you go out and walk just to break your day or find something you enjoy outside the home, YOU ARE DEFINITLY NOT LAZY you sound like a person who just needs to be doing.

I feel like I am lazy because I don't feel or want to do anything which makes me very sad, I have cbt and my counsellor says it is because of my depression.

have you spoken to your doctor, please take care and well done for doing your part time job, let us know how you go on x

This sounds very familiar. I have been on Venlafaxine for a long time and also suffer from lack of motivation. I also work part=time. What I have done this year is set a time table of activities to do every week. I worked yesterday so today I went swimming earlier and I am about to go out for a run. I am following the couch to 5k app. I also cycle everywhere.

People are amazed at my activities but I don't think I'm super fit. I just know that it makes me cope with my depression. Yesterday I made a marathon runner say he could never swim the amount that I do. These little comments help me feel better. It doesn't have to be sport, crafts and art can give the same feeling.

Right, this has inspired me to add an hours cleaning to my day today. Guilt is the depression talking, but depression also causes lack of motivation. Accept the feelings then find something that interests you. x


Lack of motivation can be caused by Depression and Anxiety. Also Anti-Depressants can also cause problems with motivation. This may cause Panic Attacks because of the stress and tiredness.

If you have not seen your GP for a while you may find a further appointment could be a good idea, An assessment of your illness may result in a change of dosage or a possible course of CBT


Unfortunately nutrition is not taught in universities so medications are given out to treat symptoms for years.From 5 yrs of research & seeing patients respond to vitamin bcomplex & b12 supplements I suggest you ask for the following tests serum & active vitamin b12,folate,iron,ferritin,rbc magnesium,Vitamin D levels.Low vitamin b12 (serum below 500 pmol/L ) can cause anxiety,depression,schizophrenia,psychosis,suicidual tendencies,memory loss ,early dementia.

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