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Hi guys, I didnt know what to call this topic. Im just numb to life at the moment, dont know what it is. I don’t know if its because im getting older or what. Things I used to be ok with Im not anymore. Then I got this question looming over my head about if I should try to find work again or just sign to be temporarily disabled and just finish my online classes. Believe me Its not that cut and dry, my back story explains it all. Got my therapy appt in 1 1/2 hrs. Dont wanna go but dont wanna be charged.

Everyone, stay great and keep trying☮️

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Your honesty is beautiful and I just really feel for you. I remember your other post about still living with your ex and how toxic that can be. And your child is number one in your heart and mind. Today I’m pms-ing and feeling outta gas. At least I have the energy to type on my phone. Anyway just wanted to reach out to you and let you know you are heard and you matter and your struggle is getting you closer to an answer. You are growing and you are facing life and that isn’t easy. You’re walking through the fire and you’re reaching out and those are very healthy impulses! How was therapy? What are you learning there? Anything you share that’s helped you will help others here. We all need any little bits of gold to keep us going.

Hi Strongheartforever and thanks for reaching out! Im pmsing too big time, that was one of the reasons I didnt wanna fo to therapy the other day. Glad I did. She gave me this sheet to write my feelings down, moods, etc. Can’t remember the name of it but once i get to my purse i’ll share it. I kinda been there done that with those sheets but anything that helps im willing to try at this state. So im just gonna continue with schooling and speak with my doc next week about the work stuff. Im goin through the pmsing strong right now so youre not alone. Maybe we’re in synch lol

It’s ok to wait to jump into a new job. Take the leave and rest and renew. Focus on you and what direction you want to go next. Don’t stay in a job you not fulfilled by. And getting older does clarify things, you won’t tolerate as much bs. That is good. That is growth. Embrace change because it’s really your only choice as a living being. Everything becomes a habit. Every little thing you do to take care of yourself is getting you in the habit of taking care of yourself. Like therapy. And writing here. And asking the questions. Self care is so important. In your free time fill yourself with wisdom even if it’s listening to YouTube videos while you do your hair. Oprah was on one the other day, a video of motivational women, and she said some people try to put her down saying she’s so full of herself. She said yes, I’m FULL, my life is FULL, my cup overflows!!! I love it!!! Fill yourself with good wisdom, good advice, friendship and gratitude. You’ll find a new path now. Give yourself time. Your ex should support you and your child for a while and you can pivot and get in a better place. All the best.

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