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Nothing to look forward to

Hi all

I’m really at the point in my life where I feel I have nothing to look forward to . I’ve always been depressed , but had some hope . That seems to have dwindled away and I’m struggling deeply to get through the day . The knock backs I’ve suffered have accumulated to the point I don’t want to try anymore .

I’m very unhappy in my job , in fact it is hell. I’m going to speak to someone to see if I can move departments .

I’m also single , which I’m very worried about . People at work keep telling me how hopeless it all is when you are single / I will never move out too expensive to live /all good men taken /too late for me. It’s daily negativity and I don’t have the emotional capacity to deal with it .

I’m 28 and I’ve tried so hard to make myself better /to try to get my life on track . I’ve never had a healthy relationship or any stable friendships . I’m in a dead end job despite education.

I feel like I’m doomed .

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If I could give the very unhappy 28 year old I also once was in a job which was completely bringing me down, it would be - go get something else and leave. However, my job was full of negativity with bullying and scheming and paranoia from my manager. It was very debilitating to me and a number of other staff in my section. If nothing is going to change for the better, you deserve better. I'm not single but sharing life with someone can bring happiness yes, but it can be complicated at times too. There is a lot of five and take and understanding of another person's differences. I was a single parent for a number of years and being independent as a single person doesn't have to be a negative. Lots of people share houses, advertising in newspapers and websites for real estate, and buying properties is something blown up as the most important thing to get on the proverbial ladder, but buying doesn't 'have' to be a plan engraved in stone does it? I rented happily up until my partner decided he wanted to buy. I lost my Dad when I was a kid and it made me think a lot about how short life could be and how things can be fine and life changed forever without your choice in an instant. It made me want to be gone too for a while, but it also led to a need to feel free, free to make different and sudden choices if things arose, so owning a property for me feels like a weight. It's made me feel glued down. It sounds like you've set yourself pressure and limits, rather than freedom to exist and have reasonable goals - and so not meeting these things in time/by now is possibly increasing how down you feel. Give yourself a break, perhaps literally?

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28 is so young! Having depression and having a job you hate definitely doesn't help. My boss told me today that he's not happy with me because everyone in the office brings in food and buys lunch for the office and takes clients out for drinks but I don't. Well excuse me but when I took the job I didn't know that was a requirement. Not to mention that everyone else is married, with two incomes and I am single, trying to rebuild a bank account that a drug addicted boyfriend ruined on me. But enough about me. You are very young, don't be discouraged about being single. I have found that medication helps my depression significantly just don't have insurance right now so am not on it. If I was, I probably wouldn't be on here right now. Have you tried medication to help you cope?


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