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I've spent a year and a half unemployed and a extra month being homeless. I now live with my family again. All the people I've known as friends, well I guess they are taking the "he'll talk to me when he is better "approach so on the daily routine I'm stuck with loneliness and stress from finding work. But Wednesday I got a job started working to find out. I'm not able to keep up with the work if they ever had me work by myself which I would be soon. I've been terrified because I don't know what to do. I'm a guy and a big one at that but it's just alot of work and my anxiety actually makes breathing hard and I got dizzy last shift..I don't know what to do if I lose this job I'll have nothing I'm afraid and I feel useless and I don't have anyone to talk to about this that won't just shove it in my face or tell me " just do it"

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I start work by myself tomorrow I forgot to mention and my boss knows I have issues working alone and well told me this is easy stuff it will get harder once summer hits. The job I work is in a kitchen at a airport hotel

Hi ChaseN and welcome to this caring forum. It is really positive that you are sharing this with us. Well done on getting your job. It sounds as though you have lost some confidence due to the difficulties you have experienced and have become anxious also. The people who interviewed you must have thought you have the right qualities for the job as you were successful at interview. Starting anything new is always a bit difficult at first and often gets easier with time. You will get to know people in the workplace and this often helps. You say your boss is aware you have issues with working alone. It may be an idea to ask him/her if someone could work along side you if only for a few hours until you feel more comfortable about working alone.. Also, you may like to talk to Human Resources department of the company and see if they can help you. It may also help if you contact one of your friends as this could be a positive step. Things often get easier with time, so do allow yourself this. Please stay on the forum where you will receive replies from other members who may be able to offer help and advice. Let us know how you are getting on. Thank you and best wishes.

ChaseN - I don't wanna play down your situation, so I won't, but I would ask you to literally take a step back and stick to what you know right now and what's right in front of you.

IYou have clearly got the balls to move from homeless to getting a paid job, and that my friend is testament to your determination and abilities. I would treat your anxiety of working alone as a 'normal' fear factor we all have when it comes to a new job! As MAS nurse says, speak up, be honest and upfront, but don't talk yourself out of a job which you can clearly do. You have my support and look forward to hearing how your doing in a week's time.

All the best.

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