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Screaming your pain away


Am I the only one with a deep need to scream all that you have inside away, in an isolate place where no one can hear you to be ashamed of screaming...?

Honestly, I think it's coming from my lack of self-esteem and lack of expression of self (if that makes sense). I just really feel like it would be a solution or a kind of therapy to some of my insecurities I built up through years.

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I genuinely scream in to a pillow when I’m angry, frustrated or feel another negative emotion that I don’t know how to release. I do feel better for it. Husband knows I do it too so I don’t have to worry.

I’m also in counselling (for a multitude of other reasons). Therapist doesn’t see this as a bad thing, but we are currently taking baby steps towards naming my feelings.

I have often felt that need but have never actually found a place remote enough to do it. One day maybe. x

You might be interested in the work of the late Arthur Janov. I don't agree with all his theories but a lot does make sense.

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