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Feeling weirdly "up"

I've always got mood swings usually between hours but although it don't sound long this elevated state has been here all day, the past few days I've tried binaural beats to elevate my mood but usually it just dissipates or something idk. I don't know if that's triggered something but I feel so excited, but atst kinda shaky and anxious from my body but I'm confused, it dosent feel like true happiness but more excitement, idk confused. I've been showing extreme bipolar symptoms is this maybe a up episode

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Hi Jamanha and welcome to this caring forum. I think it would be wise for you to make an appointment to see your doctor to discuss with him / her what is happening. Are you receiving medication? This may need to be reviewed. If you are not taking medication, you may need to be prescribed this to enable you to feel better.. Could you take a trusted family member / friend to the appointment? Please talk to them and explain that you are feeling unwell and they can help you stay safe. Did you get chance to speak to someone from the Pastoral Team in school, as they can also help and support you. Do stay on the forum to receive support from other members. Are any other members able to help Jamanha, please? Thank you and best wishes.

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I'm on no medication. I've said alot but nobody does anything for me. No matter how hard I try. I'll demand it tho


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