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Me again, I'm back. Trying to not put too much on the people in my immediate life by talking to them about this constantly...

Ok everyone: hit me with your best breakup advice especially with self care when you have mental health struggles.

I was dating this person for over a year. We were best friends for 5 years before that.

I thought we were happy. They said things were good and that distance wasn't too hard (long distance). I kept asking them to be honest about whether or not they needed me to not speak about my mental health as much, and they said no that it was ok and they wanted to know as much as they could. I asked them if they were unhappy with me, they said no. I asked if they needed more space.

Then one day I said something stupid and they broke up with me over text. Their reasons included distance, my depression, and that they wanted to not feel obligated talk to someone every day anymore.

I feel like they were lying to me this whole time. They said they were unhappy and wanted out of the relationship for a long time- since the start.

A few weeks before all of this I tried to break up with them but they refused and asked for a second chance... I gave it to them, but when they tried to break up with me and I asked if we could work on things they said no. That things wouldn't suddenly get better.

Yeah we fought but I thought, and they made it seem so too, that it was getting better.

This whole situation confuses me.

I know their priorities shifted but the person I loved is gone. They used to care about friendships and relationships more than anything but now they said that friendships and relationships (of any kind) aren't important to them and will never come above education or work.

I know I'm supposed to let go and move on but it's harder because it doesn't make sense to me. And it doesn't help that their roommate, and my ex, continue to tell me that they care for me and love me. Their roommate says they think my ex feels the same way for me still, but then my ex says they don't. But then the next day my ex hints that they do.

How does one move on from this?

I am trying to be brave and strong and cut off communication but I am struggling very hard with this...

Any thoughts?

Any breakup advice? Words of wisdom?

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I never went through a breakup so I don't think I could help you with it expect giving you typical advices but I'd say you should just forget it. Except if you really want to understand what really went on, try talking to that person again to clarify things so that you can properly move on. If you think it doesn't worth your time and energy then, like I said, forget it. Enjoy life by doing new activities, meet new people, learn new things and just fill yourself with new and positive vibes.

everything is always easier to be said than to be done.

but also, if you really want, you can do it.

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