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Verbal Abuse may have been the start to mental struggles

Maybe the start of my issues from a young age started when my dad called me a b#%&! when i was 12. After that i never looked at him the same and lost all respect for him. I watched him yell, get in my mom's face, and call her names has a little girl. As a teenager, we always argued and he said unforgettable things to me like " when those girls bully you at school, don't come to me go to your mother", "i'm gonna walk away from you/distance myself from you" , "your a stupid girl" , and at age 18 or 19 (can't remember exact age) my very own father told my mom " 'vonnah' makes me want to kill myself".

Yes. That's verbal abuse. Maybe emotional too. I always buried this stuff cause i have no one to talk to about it. It only helped crumble my self worth and esteem. And lit more fire to my depression.

Please give your thoughts and opinions.

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Hello Vonnah

Thank you so much for your message. It is good that you share this information with us.

It sounds as if you have been through a lot of difficult times.

You may want to see your doctor to get more support and help with the issues you told us about.

It may be important that you talk these things through with a supportive person.

If you have had any support perhaps you could tell us more about how things are going for you at the moment.

This is a supportive community so our members may have more support and help for you.

The pinned posts and topics may have more information that is helpful.

The MIND organisation may be helpful

Take care and keep in touch

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Thank you. I have been up and down with my depression though. I am setting up appointments today for my mental health. I appreciate the support.

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Hi Vonnah, just wanted you to know , I read your post and I’m sending you love and support 🌸 This is the place you can ‘get things ‘ off your chest and we will support you. 🌷🌷

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Well thank ya, i truly appreciate it☺👌💜🙌


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