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I noticed a post when I was not a member and decided to answer, please understand you are dealing with poorly people and not robots!

I just read an reply when browsing the internet and saw that it is wrong. I work in Mental Health. Depression is classed under a Disability as it comes under the umbrella of the nine protected characteristics, this is with regards to the Equality Act of 2010, whilst it may not be covered by certain benefits it is a 'bloody disabilit'..... To ignore this fact makes you accountable, neglectful, not working in a way which reflects Equality and Diversity. People with depression: stay strong, you have no idea perhaps as yet, how strong you are!

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If only there was more like you, perhaps those of us with Mental Health Illnesses will be treated along the same line as those with physical disabilities. Unable to work and on unpaid sick leave and am not able to claim benefits because I don't look ill enough to be believed.

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Hi, we are a group of people all going through similar issues and trying to support each other as we do so. Its a peer support group from around the world which is why not every reply/ post might seem to reflect what you know/ believe as we all just share what we have found works for us. I'm glad you've joined our group, you sound like you will be a great asset to our community and able to give help/ advice to others on here. I hope we can all support you through your journey too - everyone is very friendly and willing to help each other :)


I agree Sarah, perfect answer to what is a forum of opinions, advice and suggestions! A forum that allows even the daring of us!

Missy D and Pepper, it's clear how appropriate you consider MH and I wholeheartedly agree! However to use it as a weapon of what you can't see you can't feel, is (in my view) wrong.

I also note Pepper the comment about reporting anyone who dare diasagree has been removed..? Well done, because I completely disagree, if your able, then you 'can' get off your backside and do something about it...regardless.

Is this a harsh stance... well no, I fight everyday just to have a better day, and I do, why because I continue to fight and will always fight. We all expire in the end, why now!

Depression is a massive illness, treat it like a continued virus, you know the ones we suffer and then get over, until the next bout is due, but sometimes that might be months, years...or never.

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