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Separation Anxiety Disorder as a child

Hi everyone

I've been working with a therapist for the past 6 months as I've been struggling with my mental health again. Over the years it has manifested itself in different forms from OCD/hoarding, germ fear, contamination fear, weight loss/eating disorders, I could go on. It peaks and troughs and normally emerges after a period of stress.

Working with my therapist we've finally come to the bottom of it and believe it stems from separation anxiety disorder as a very young child. I was incredibly clingy and didn't spend a day away from my mum until I was 15. Never stayed over at friends, never went away on trips, trouble sleeping, didn't want to be left alone etc. Classic SAD which unfortunately my parents didn't recognise and didn't nip in the bud.

Fast forward 37 years and we believe this is likely at the root of my ongoing issues. My question is how do I resolve this? Clearly I don't have SAD from my parents anymore so how is it resolved? I've tried treating the symptoms directly such as OCD as and when they manifest with limited success but something always re-emerges and I want it to stop. I meditate, take herbal anti-anxiety supplements, write poetry and talk it through with my therapist but really want to tackle the underlying issue head on. Any help greatly appreciated.



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These are real feelings with badges slapped on. No one on this earth can help us apart from us (me). Go out comfort zone....find your truth


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