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Confused about what I'm feeling


So lately I'm not sure what's wrong with me, I know that I have an sort of mental health issue because my mental state is far from everybody elses. Most days I wake up and it takes me so long to get out of bed because I don't want to get up and start the day, I always feel so empty and like I'm stuck in a hole but no matter how hard I try those feeling never stayaway for more then a day! I'm still very new to mental health and know absolutely nobody with mental health issues, a couple of friends suggested that I might be depressed but I'm not even sad? I'm just dysfunctional and empty and constantly fatigued. I probably sound like an idiot as I know the bare minimum about these issues and I have trouble finding the words to express how im feeling.

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I have these days too. I found myself diving into my work. And it was a good distraction but I’ve completly and totally worn myself out and I’m feeling empty again. I’m sorry I’m not much help but know you are not alone

Hello and welcome, You will find huge amounts of support here. Many of us experience the feelings and fatigue you are having right now. I would see a Doctor myself to eliminate the possibility of something physical. Then if there is not your Doctor will direct you to the correct one, Asking friends and guessing yourself is almost impossible not to do, but it won't get you the help you might need. Once you have an idea of what is going on you'll find plenty of people here to talk to. We can't diagnose so you have to tell us what it is. Pam

It may well be a sign of depression as you don't have to be sad to suffer from depression, but only an expert can advise you of this and would highly recommend you talk this out with your doctor. Don't hold back or try playing it down, it's a really good start you are aware of what's going on and looking for some answers.

I often feel what you are feeling, indeed I'm sat on a train now in my way to work with a powerful sense of emptiness and anxiety and because of this, I so wanted to stay in bed today and try sleep this off but sleeping don't happen when my heart and brain fall out!

The best thing I do is crack on and fight to live another day, so to speak, and for me it works.

So, I would say take it easy, make sure you see your GP and realise your not alone in this.

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