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Help with anti depressants

The doctor has given me anti depressants for depression and anxiety. I think this could really help me as I need to get rid of these issues to help stop hurting myself and not cause trouble to others who cannot handle it. The only problem is the medication makes me feel really tired but I also wake during the night and will find it very hard to fall asleep and be asleep for very long. I also tend to act very strange on them and will say things and act in a curtain way what I wouldn’t normally be like. At the moment I am not on the meds’ for these reasons but I feel like I’m getting worse. I have been very suicidal and have attempted to end my life before and I really don’t want this to happen again. Also many people around me have told me that they can’t be around me anymore because of the way that I am so I would really like to solve this problem

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Hello belleeDT , welcome to this supportive and caring community. Sorry to hear you are struggling and feel you are getting worse. Was it on your Doctor's advice that you came off the medication, maybe it would be worth talking to him about other alternative medication or forms of therapy. What helped you in the past when you were very low? Please take a look around the site. particularly the Pinned Posts.You are not alone and I am sure the members of our community will come along to share their experiences. Take care.


Hi there belle, I really feel for you as I've been having mental health issues lately where I have felt very low. I suffer with Emetopobia, fear of being sick and a fear of the tummy bug because of being sick, I am working my way through the Thrive Programme and the Programme is also designed for depression and is a purely natural way of approaching it. Have a look online, see below.


You will also see testamonials on the website where people have followed the Programme and are cured.

I can resonate with the people around you and how they feel and I would say the reason why they can't be around you is because they do not understand. I was one of those people many years ago when my hubby was depressed and I couldn't understand or handle it. When he got better I start to feel bad and I now understand how difficult it is with depression. I also have two daughters and the eldest one started self-harming when she was a teenager, she is in her 30's now, and she tried to take her life when she had left home and was working a couple of hundred miles away from her home area. We have been having issues with her again lately and she is starting to get better again but only recently have I started to open up to her more and talk about her illness.

What I am saying is people don't understand but they are not keeping away because they don't care, it's purely because they do not understand.

Please have a look at the Programme as there are like minded people that have followed the Programme and feel so much better. If you live in the UK you may see that there is a therapist near you.

Take care and you are no alone.



Thanks so much I will check it out


Hiya, sorry to hear about the issues you are facing at the moment. There many different medications that could assist you but it might take time to find the right one, or the right combination of medicines and the right dose for your individual circumstances. This is something your local doctor should advise on, although many GPs do not have the time/expertise and referral to a consultant is better. You can always take along an 'advocate' (friend/family) to the GP appointment to support you and to ensure that all the points you want to discuss are covered (e.g. your sleep problems). The doctor should also refer you for counselling/therapy. Seek out as much help as you can, because things can get better so please don't give up. Take care of yourself,

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