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Is there any way you can train yourself to not cry or hold back a cry. Because in situations that may be overwhelming or that make me sad sometimes I may be in a place full of people and it would just be handy to not cry in public and remain calm. Honestly I really need something like that and although letting out a cry is a good thing sometimes I feel like this is what I would rather want to do. So please help me out if you have any tips or advice. Thank You.

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Hi I know what you mean. What puts me off showing my feelings in public like this is knowing that it will only make things worse and not better. It's also not wanting others to think badly of me.

It would be better if you could get out of the crowded place even if it's just to the toilet or something. I wish I had a pound for every time I had a good cry in the toilets! x


I have been using mindfulness lately - actually using an app with guided meditations. Being overwhelmed has been a major issue for me but I can say with certainty that my daily practise of meditation has helped enormously.

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