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i am new here but my problem is similar fed up with life i am a failure

i know life is beautiful we all should thanks to god and lots of thing i know but, my bad time is continues walking with me since last 5 months is my worst time i have ever seen in of my life i am jobless i have done mass communication after that i got a chance to doing internship in a reputed A grade new agency but after that life has stop i have no job i am totally jobless now totally also confused don't know whats going in my life am belongs to a very middle class family i really want to support my mom because she is the only one who has working for us, we all depending on her i am so embarrassed to see her situation i wish financially i could support her i am not a gud daughter need help what to do

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Hello Man-12345

Thanks for your posts, the last five months have been difficult for you. It is a positive thing for you to get in touch with this forum, so that is a good step towards getting more help. Can you tell us more about what has been happening for you in these months? Perhaps you could tell us more about what happened with the jobs?

It sounds as if you have a good relationship with your Mom. Have you talked things through with her?

Perhaps you could consider going to your doctor to see if they can support you. Do you have friends that you could talk with about your situation?

This is a very supportive community, so may have more suggestions for you.

There are pinned posts and topics that may offer you more information.

Take care and keep in touch.


You sound very caring to me. Can you help your mum by getting dinner, cleaning the house etc so she has less to worry about? You could also volunteer, even if it's a part-time job in a coffee shop, or get a part-time paid job. Spend time writing a CV to send by post, or online. Employers love volunteers and what better thing to put on your cv? Take small steps or goals first and then the rest will follow. Get out for a walk if you don't feel 100% and tackle one task a day when you come back. You will probably have the energy then. Good luck.


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