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Hello I had been to the doctors today and mentioned about my health, he had said that I've got to wait until I see the mental health doctor again but he doesn't no how long its going be. My partner had come with me to my appointment and explained I'm struggling and my mood is like a yo yo and he said that he could not give me any anti depressants. I'm struggling to cope a lot and also its going be a long 6 week wait until I see the mental health team. I have bruised my hand due to punching the cabinet, I have thoughts and I seemed to dwell on these feelings. Also I have got an medical assessment tomos and I'm really nervous about it but I have someone coming with me. I'm just lost for words don't no how to explain how I'm feeling :( and struggle to talk about my feelings. I have written something down but its going be weeks until I see a mental health worker.

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Hello Roary, Why don't you go to the ER. Tell them you don't feel right in your thinking and you feel the need to talk to someone.


Our ER is really busy due to the nasty flu around so I am avoiding there, so I'm just going suffer until I see a mental health worker


Ru IN THE STATES ? I got a flu shot this year hope it was the right kind. Sorry you have to wait. If we got paid to suffer think how rich we would all be.


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