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My lazy self making me big looser I am so bored i am not dependable....i know my problem but cant mend it ..i know right but choose wrong

I am happily married.My husband family is amazing but i feel my mother in law all are understanding caring never complaining.i have freedom i drive can socialize wear as i like dont meed to do job as well.

As mentioned overall i have basically nothing to complain.i changed country as got married in UK.

I suffered from severe financial losses in beginning but now doing very fine.

I am not concistent.If i do or start something its nice fine doable but all enthusiasm finish i dont want to clean i dont want to tidy but want things to be clean to.

I want to do it but havw no energy to do it.my thoughts are overloading.

I am lazy...angry one...procrastinating all stuff...hard to meet boundries and deadlines....cant ignore and make loved ones sad through anger and words.

I am so confuse.

I need a way out of this lazy worthless bubble.where i have so ideas and energy but my body doesnt support or support for short period.

How can i be consitent and organized why i cant do it when i really want to.

Why i am so happy when my house is clean and angry when messy.

Why cant i ignore or why cant i do it.

Want to study or do job but what suitable for me cant find direction.

I like advise take it try to follow but not dependable.

I want freedom from this

U can change life guide me i will pray for u always.

I am so tiredof myself :(

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Hello ANNEnoir, welcome to this community and sorry to hear you are struggling with some things in your life at the moment. It's good you have a supportive family and it must have been difficult for you moving to a new country and also getting married. Change can cause stress in our lives.It may help you to list the things that bother you the most and think how you could deal with one thing at a time. This is a supportive community and our members will come along to share their experiences with you. Please keep in touch and best wishes to you.


This is exactly how I feel about myself too. Wish I had answers too.


Hello Anne, just read your post ! I identify with the house situation. I’ve gone from obsessively cleaning to zilch! I get the worst anxiety, when my house looks like a dumping ground but I just haven’t got the energy or enthusiasm to follow through. Yet on a rare occasion when the house is shining and spotless I’m so happy. I make lists, mood boards, a scrapbook on interiors, they just gather dust! But despite all that, Anne, I don’t think I’m lazy and don’t believe for one minute that you are. The responsibility belongs to my PTSD, my Anxiety, and most of all my Depression. I’m so unreliable, so unorganised, and I actually feel comforted that we share similarities! I beat myself up a lot for that. Have you been to your GP’s yet? The group on here are the best! You have reached out to us, and with all the support and information along with love and compassion from our group, it gives you an instant boost. Sending you hugs, and welcome wishes.🌷🌷

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