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Feeling like a failure

It’s been a while since I’ve posted and I’ve been really good, me and my wife have just had a baby boy and he’s literally lights up the world. But there are times where I feel like everything I do is a failure, for instance I blew on his face and it stopped him crying, I got moaned at for doing it but my wife did the same. It’s the little things that really bug me, I feel like I’m getting judged in whatever I do and that I can’t do anything right

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Sometimes new Mothers are so unsure of themselves, so afraid they will be judged, and who do we know who knows even less than they do ? That's right, it's you Dad. You should talk it out. Tell her how much you love your baby and what a good Father you want to be. You have a few years to get it right. Remember, you two are a team. Now, do you want to talk about Grandmothers ? You will. pam


I had this issue with my significant other as well. As a woman I realized that it wasn't him that was the problem but my hormones! I had severe anxiety and only though that my son needed me. As annoying as that is, I had to go get some help and talk to other mothers about my son's father helping! It's easy to place blame on each other Bc you don't understand the feelings she has and she doesn't under stand the feelings you have. Keep communicating! The sooner she realizes and understands that your ways are going to be different to bond with the baby the better! But keep being understanding and supportive


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