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Every thing curry ( well today anyway)

Well its the 3rd jan 2018, 5.30 in morning ..so far so good ..i need to understand that it does not matter what any one thinks about me ..its how i value my self that is important my thoughts my feelings .i am still learning about my self and have found out i am not a unsociable person ( just very misunderstood) , i lock my self away as i am scared of people not physically but mentally and how they might judge me . i am not past the point of no return..in fact i am a caring ,loving,a great person who does not need peoples approval..i have the strength to over come , it will take alot of time and alot of support ..as a individual i am a force to be reckoned with, just because i have a different way of thinking or doing things its ok, i know their are people who are having a real bad time now and i cant imagine their pain.( my heart goes out to u ).but i can offer my support and give a listening ear and kind words, know it wont cure but its a start.. thought that what ever happened in my past was my fault, i was punishing my self,changed my appearance .(did not like me i felt dirty inside ) self harming, sucidal thoughts, did not deserve to be loved, just wanted to keep running away from me and society , and ended up isolating my self . as i did not want people knowing real me.. they would not understand or attempt to..so its better for me to just lead a stealth and unseen existance.

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I feel very much the same, i think you have expressed the feelings of many people out there - as myself (thank u for that). It is comforting to know that you are not alone or in a way problematic... It is very hard to know when it is worthwhile to open up to someone and when not to. Especially when the chances are against. But still lets try to have open our eyes and our heart in case we meet this one or two people in our whole existence who might make the difference in our lives.


Thank you for kind words...


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