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self confidence, HELLPPPPPP

Hi guys, I am a teen and have a problem when it comes to looks. Strangers would always say that I am pretty, beautiful, that I should be a model, that I look like a picture and even my friends would always say i am gorgeous. I don't think I'm ugly, i just think of my self as average and okay but what bothers me is that No guy has ever liked me before nor did i have a bf, all my friends does/did but me and it kinda changes the way i see myself.HEEEllp.

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Hi Jamiee98 and welcome to the forum. We are unable to accept posts from people under the age of 16 years. I am not sure of your age when you say you a teen, but I am guessing that you are over 16 from "jamiee98". Please feel complimented about what strangers and friends say. People develop relationships at different ages and stages of their lives. Many of us have a tendency to compare ourselves to other people and this is not helpful because we are all different. You will meet someone when the time is right. These things cannot be rushed. Please be kind to yourself. People often form relationships when taking part in mutual hobbies and interests. Take care and best wishes.

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