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Bipolar disorders and Anxiety problems

Bipolar disorders and Anxiety problems


This may be an unusual post for this forum but I hope it's within the rules.

These are both conditions I don't have experience of. I am very interested in mental health as a 'service user' myself. I am interested to hear your lived descriptions of these problems. How does it work day to day? What varies? What are your worries? Do you have an explanation for these problems? DNA/PTSD/Childhood or perhaps just pure chance?

I wanted to give you people the opportunity to describe these conditions. Feel free to post if you don't have a diagnosis but suspect it. Also I encourage readers to respond constructively with advice and help (as with all posts here).

OK my first post :)

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Hi Zoea and welcome to the forum. Hopefully, members of the forum can post about their experiences. It will increase experience and knowledge of mental health. I would like to encourage members to post on this supportive forum about their experiences. Thank you for this. Best wishes.

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