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I fantisize to Cope


I've been told it's wrong, not healthy, I would like to practically cope with life stresses but I tend to escape to my own world of fantasy. With a partner who truly loved me, I'll fantasize about our talks and laughs together as I'm bored at work/ lonely. I describe life as good physically but I feel as well that life is too stressful to deal with. Im thinking constantly and my emotions go up and down. Escaping seems to keep me sane. What's the line that makes it bad, is it all bad?

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We all need to escape sometimes. Don’t beat yourself up about this. There’s nothing wrong with wanting things to be better or different. You just need to find a way to make this a reality, if it’s what you truly want.

Hi Veg_Gal, and welcome to the forum. A Carebear1986 has posted, there is nothing wrong with wanting things to be better or different. This is your way of dealing with the stress you are experiencing. If you would like to make this a reality, firstly try to look at the issues that you are experiencing at the moment. Which of these would be the easiest to address first? Perhaps you have an interest that you could share with other people? You will find a way to make this a reality. Do stay on this supportive forum where you will receive support from other members. Thank you and best wishes.

Hello Veg, I have done this all my life starting at about age 10. It has and still does get me through some rough times.As I got older I realized what I was doing was visualization which is just fantasy with intention. Imagining the possibilities and working toward them one at a time . Also I still fantasize just for pure enjoyment. I think it's only a problem if that's all you do. Pam

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Hey i understand. But i fantasize being a completely different person and have a husband and children. I also see adult....stuff. I am only 19 and i have fantasized having different living situations. It's strange to me and i kept it secret all my life. I started when i was 12. If i wanted to, i could make up a person in my head and play a video game and type in the name of the person as the video game character. Idk😔 this thing do is a escape but i always know who i am. Sometimes i can do it while staying present and other times usually when I'm alone in my room, i can blank out for a few seconds.

I can't wait to tell a psychiatrist but at the same time i'm scared if I'm told this is very wrong and something bad happens.

These are great replies. I would have to saying escaping into your own world or "daydreaming" isn't all bad. We all do it. It's how you dream up your goals, future, what you really want in life. Sure there is some fantasy that won't ever come true, just because it may be completely unreal. There is some fantasy that can come true though. The partner who truly loves you, etc. That's not unreal, it just means you know what you want in a partner. This world can be unfair, cold, cruel, and hard. Taking your mind away is a way for us to dream of what we want to change in life, what we want deep down, a way to what we want our future to be, and sometimes it's just a way to take your mind to a happy place.

I do find there are times where reality becomes really hard and I pain for something better or wish my "fantasy" world would come true. What I try to focus on when I get those feelings is what can I do to move? Make myself start moving and making the changes I need to in order to achieve whatever part of my fantasy world I can. It's hard. Looking at the big picture can make it feel overwhelming. I try to break it down into steps or sections that are more manageable. Ask myself, what can I do to get there? Depending on your goals, it may take awhile and the path may be hard. Staying motivated is another hard thing to do.

There's nothing wrong with daydreaming. It's just what you do with that daydreaming.

Oh my goodness i thought i was the only one....but i swear mine is uncontrollable. I tried to stop but i can't. I wish i could stop. But then again i like it...i guess. I even laugh out loud as if i were watching a movie....is this the same thing or do you think it's something else?

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Yes!! I'll find myself giggling to myself and my emotions going in a roller coaster sometimes for going so deep into my imagination

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Yeah I'm glad that i finally found someone i can relate to!😌

That's interesting! I wish I had such a vivid imagination that I could fantasize like that about life. I only seem to do it in dreams, and that's fleeting, and not really the same at alls. I would focus on what people have advised, take small steps to get to the reality you want every day life day to day, and try perhaps mindfulness and meditation for help you out with this.

I think a trained Psychiatrist would have domain knowledge about yourself, there are rare things that are actually medical conditions, for example I've had restless legs all my life and only recently did I find out it was a medical condition with a scientific name and everything. There are even drugs for it but I'm not taking those since I take some many there is a risk of complication.

OK so talk to your GP get a referral and sit down and talk to a professional about it I guess, in time or now if you feel you need to do it now.

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