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Hi! Another newbie here looking to vent


To be honest, not sure why I'm bothering with this but then figure why not.

Been struggling with coping, as most people, for as long as I can remember and very much have overactive guilt-gland and persecution complex to boot. I'm currently lucky if I get more than 2 hours sleep which gives me plenty of time to sit, think and realise just how much damage I've done to absolutely everything around me.

Cutting doesn't help anymore and whilst thinking about going further, I know that I'm too useless to do that properly and don't want the attention. It makes things much more difficult and false sympathy sticks in the gullet.

I've tried going to the doctors, which in fairness, sends me on to a place that made things that much worse but apparently there is nothing else. I'm just wondering if people ever find it gets easier?

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Hi Atilia and welcome to the forum. This is a caring, supportive community where other members understand how you are feeling, so it is good that you have joined the forum. Other members will be along to introduce themselves and offer their support. Please remember that you are not alone . If you are feeling distressed, please call The Samaritans Freephone 116 123 [24 hour helpline ] 7 days a week They provide a listening ear. Take care and stay on the forum for support. Best wishes.

Hi Atilia,

I know how you feel, I too have been struggling to cope for as long as I can remember. Ok I have up’s and downs but it’s been for years. I too don’t get much sleep, I totally get why sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture!! I’ve thought about ending things a few times, especially recently but also feel I’d be to useless to do that properly to. So as MAS-Nurse says, you are not alone. I’m not sure how helpful my reply will be to you I guess I just wanted you to know I understand how you feel, you’re not alone and I’m here if you wish to chat. Also I can say from very recent experience that the samaratians are great. Sending you big ((hugs)) chick xx

Im with you...I believe it's going to get better..but, on the other hand I would like to know if it does get easier..be strong.

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