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When I feel like I need to get away or if I’m sad or need to just plain out ignore someone hurtful I put in my ear buds and turn my favorite music all the way up and tune out the whole world. I sometimes take a walk also.

What do you do when you get down? What are some of your outlets? What do you do to calm yourself down?

I jam out by myself lol

Comment below!!!

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I like to shop, I like to cook and eat, I love to spend time with my grandkids, read/write, call people names in my head, there is a sweet drug they give you just before they take you to the operating room it makes you feel the world is wonderful I would like some of that. You did ask. Pam


I did this last weekend with my daughter. We watched rapunzel and at the end when the credits were playing we danced around the living room. It was short lived enjoyment, but enjoyment none the less.x


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