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Anyone Relate?

My disorder has completely changed my life, this past year. I've gained a lot of weight, don't take time to wear nice clothes or do my hair or makeup, I look completely different and feel different. I don't know why this past year has been so much worse than others but everything keeps going downhill. I quit doing drugs (which was good), I gained a nice boyfriend (also good), but I lost my only friend, got a job that I now hate, stopped going to school basically, lost interest in everything but video games, started isolating from everyone all the time, I have no friends, I spend all my time on my computer, never go outside except for work, store, food or visiting my boyfriend. My god, putting this all into words makes it sound even worse. It's like I'm just waking up and seeing how bad things have gotten. I'm gonna see a counsellor.

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Yes I can I over two yrs I only leave house for my many hospital tests liver cirrhosis stopped drinking 3yrs ago and drugs before that 5kids only one talks to me live n fear constantly not a clue what I'm doing of phone calls every day trying to get help to no what's wrong with my health how can I stop feeling so low that now I'm scared of myself as I'm doing all to get another knock back off all and also I just walked from a no empathy contro freak after four yrs another one when I give my all I can honestly say I can relate you ain't alone .


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