Severe depression with psychosis or psychotic depression as its also known

Hi does anyone have any experience with this condition? Can you get better or will you be on meds for the rest of your life? Was diagnosed with psychosis nos nearly a year ago and the diagnosis has changed to this have been sectioned once volunteered in hosp after an overdose otherwise they would of sectioned me and it seems like every time i come off the abilify i seem to get worse but when im on abilify i want to come off it as i feel better any ideas thanks alot Sam x

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  • Hello Texty89 and welcome to this caring community. Perhaps asking your health professional whether they feel you will need the medication for the rest of your life because they will monitor you closely whilst you are taking it., and they understand your medical condition and how it effects you. It is however good news that you feel so much better on the Abilifty that shows that it is suiting you and working for you. Please be guided by your professional health consultant and continue to feel better.

    Are there any other members who are taking this same medication? Texty may like to hear from you too.

  • The psychiatrist said 3 to 6 months the perinatal specialist said 9 months once im preg then to switch to olanzapine for 6 months and back to abilify so im getting conflicting information which is why i wanted to hear from people that have been through it or sìmiliar but thank u x

  • My diagnosis was anxiety/depression with psychotic episodes. I took an antipsychotic for 12 months, although mine was olanzapine. I had been sectioned twice before they got me on the right meds which included an antidepressant, sertraline. Over the next 12 months I recovered completely. I’m now off the antipsychotic and now just take the antidepressant. I’ve even been signed off from the mental health team. Only see the psychiatrist one more time then I’ll be transferred back to my gp. Hope this gives you encouragement. Hugs.

  • Hi puddledriver thanks so much for your reply yeah im waiting for my antidepressant i was on trimipramine but its not good in pregnancy and im ttc atm so i stopped it. Everytime i stop the abilify i become suicidial but dont want to stay on it neverending battle for myself but yes it does give me some hope as im thinking i will always be like this so thank u appreciate it hugs back to u to x


    Hello texty89 I keep having the same battle with myself. Logically I Know that I was a wreck before meds, but the relapses I have cause me to doubt the meds, then when I'm well, or even a little manic I get over confident, and cut down on the meds,, perhaps I will always need meds? I don't know, but for now my body chemistry, my imperfect coping strategies, and the way I think do mean I need meds, it doesn't stop me doubting though,,,,,,

    The metro article is a good example of how a lot of us think,,, lots of good well written accounts of mental health, and coping on their website, well worth exploring the other articles...

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