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Narcissistic Mother (Affecting My Health)


I'm getting to the point where I'm feeling suicidal. My Mother (Suffers from a Thyroid Condition) She blames all these things on that, She's a massive Narcissist. She only acknowledges past mistakes, you may think that's a good thing But accuses you of bringing up the past and starts crying. I've been dealing with Mental Issues for around 11 months now, Yet I can't talk to her about it, She says I can (And she does listen) but halfway forces her ''Truth'' Into it. She Just refuses to let me be who I really am. She makes me feel demonic or evil. I'm none of those things, When I was 11 she told me we were moving cities, No discussion though, I mean there was but her side only, Nothing for me to evaluate or consider. I was told by my stepfather that she must tell me if we want to move back we can, She kept that from me. Brought her alcoholic tendencies here. I hardly ever go out, She points out my flaws, I wish I could move away with another family member, But she does everything in her power to twist their thoughts or make me seems horrible. I need out HELP!. She cries and makes me feel horrible and like I can't leave. Everyone is leaving or has left her including my older Brother many years ago :( She's emotionally and mentally abusive. No-One truly acknowledges how bad it became. :( And not to mention the personality shifts from one nasty person, to a lovely but creepy person. She breaks down if i were to call her a narcissist or that she's wrong in any small way. She admits one thing to cover it up with another but all comes back to her ''thyroid''

I wish I could leave, I'm miserable here, I don't ever hardly go out, I wan't to live and move somewhere else but :/ It wont ever be possible, im such in a dilemma that im suicidal and my personality just changes at night, misery internsifies just everything worsening. i feel like my depression will haunt me forever and this world seems and feels so great for everyone but me.

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How old are you ? If she is being an endangerment to you get the child protective services involved call the police they all can help you. Especially when she is under the influence of alcohol or any substance, tell them you don’t feel safe and that she isn’t doing her duty or responsibilities as a parent should.

I’m sorry your going through all this I hope I have helped in same way. If not lmk we can figure something out

Hello, Thanks so much for the reply, Maybe I put that one wrong, It's not like she drinks every day but when she does, It's beyond erratic :( I just feel so damaged from her, And she makes me feel bad and like I hate her, But then cries and says she want's me to love her. I'm just so depressed alone and hopeless. I'm 16.

There is a Thyroid Section on HU, which I am on as I have a thyroid condition. I have to say, it does take a lot of patience and research to get a thyroid condition sorted and to feel well. GPs and even consultants are not up to date with their medical information and don't know how to interpret blood test results. It seems to me though, that your mother would not be interested in getting her thyroid condition improved. As ktp8789 says, we don't know how old you are. It sounds like you need to leave. Could you live with your brother? Big hugs x

Hi, He's at University, I don't know where I could go, I just need to leave and make something for myself, But I'm just unbelievably depressed and hopeless.

you are only 16, and your home life is depressing you. Hopefully someone who knows more about what help there is out there will answer. Are you still at school, at college, or too depressed to learn a trade?

High School Yes, I'm at the point I cant learn anything, Just thinking of getting home to my Sanctuary. I just, Need Out. I feel dead inside....

Would you feel comfortable talking to a teacher or headteacher. Are you in the UK? Your home life is affecting your mental health, which in turn means you can't accomplish any education. Have a think.... would you feel comfortable if, for example, your head teacher involved social services? My son's mother in law is a head teacher, although for juniors, and she is constantly in meetings with social services discussing what's best for pupils who are neglected or abused. Please keep talking with me... you are at a very low ebb xx

Well please don't be suicidal I know I may not know what your going through but sometimes things happen for a reason for us to learn from it. It's like we're being taught a lesson. I know life may be a struggle but prayer works you know. Not saying I'm forcing religion down your throat but try talking to God about it first an see how things roll off at the same time if your being abused in any way yes please do contact someone in authority or tell someone you feel safe talking too. Your only 16 an in such a situation I know your mother might be in a state but at the end of the day she is still your mother. Don't get me wrong please I'm not saying she's right but do try to keep yourself happy as well as protected an safe you can talk to someone who can help you maybe at school but please don't give up keep trying. God bless :)

I'm not religious at all. I do however believe in an Energy. I guess you can call it 'God'. I find myself at times having spiritual revelations and becoming hyper-religious and making so much sense of something, then it goes. Thank You & I am much better right now...

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