i have been lonely for most of my life

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  • Here, here!

    I've been lonely my entire life too, besides those 2 years I got with my ex. It's a common and increasing feeling in humans.

  • Yes your right loneliness is becoming a disease, growing daily. Not just in the old but all ages!! Is it social media?

  • I was bullied a lot in high school and didn't know what made em different until I was 23. I still struggle with everything. People are cruel and like to give others a hard time as a form of entertainment.

    Have you left school now? I hope things will improve for you when you can move on to something else. Please remember that school is a nasty place and is basically a holding pen for minors until they can make their own decisions. Even I feel that life got better after high school

  • i have left school, im doing something that allows me to work in a job environment as well as doing two courses called Business Administration and ICT

  • Hi SuicidalPerson99, I am sorry to hear this. Have you spoken to your family/friends about how you are feeling?. You are not alone. Do stay on the forum and talk to others about how you are feeling.I think it may help you to speak to someone from one of the crisis teams [see pinned posts opposite]. Also, your GP will be able to help and support you. Please make an appointment as soon as you can. This will help you. I hope you will soon be feeling better. Best wishes.

  • Please take a bit more care when reading what people have posted before adding the standardised MAS_nurse reply. When somebody posts to say that they've felt lonely for their entire life, it's incredibly insensitive to ask if they've talked to their friends about this!

  • I have to say the purpose of the admins and the moderators is to keep the site a welcoming and safe place for us all to be. This includes ensuring the sites rules and Health Unlocked's ones are adhered to. If the latter isn't done then we could be asked to leave their platform and there would be no site here for anyone.

    Please note that neither the admins or the moderators are paid and are entirely voluntary. We freely give our time to help others.

    MASNurse doesn't have to reply at all as many admins don't, but she replies to many despite having a busy life and deserves our thanks rather than censure. Lil

  • Hi the site has admin cover 9-5 every weekday. They don't have time to go through every post and reply and usually rely on things being reported to them. If things aren't reported then they can't see them to sort it.

    I did report the triggering suicidal post and the admin sorted it out very quickly.

    Also because of different time zones it can be the middle of the night in the UK and there is no one on duty then.

    Partially because of this DMM218 and myself have been made moderators as we are around evenings and weekends as well.

    I would urge everyone who becomes a member to familarise themselves with the terms and condition which are in the pinned posts. Most of the problems on here seem to arise because members aren't aware of them.

    A classic example is it is HU's rules that no one under the age of 16 is allowed to post on here. There are various reasons for this and children's safety cannot be guaranteed on an adult site.

    We should not give advice to minors except to say speak to their parents etc. but we can put links up to childrens sites. We should always report it as the admins will contact them, make sure they are ok and give them links.

    I hope this is a bit clearer. If you have any problems or issues you can always either contact the admins or the mods in pm. If we cannot sort it we will contact the admins ourselves.

    I hope things are a bit clearer now. Lil x

  • You are very welcome lemoneyes1. Lil x

  • But you do keep changing your name 🤔

  • MAS_Nurse isn't one nurse, it's a group of nurses.

    There's a very big difference between moderating a site and posting insensitive, badly thought out replies. If we're not allowed to comment on anything that a moderator posts, we may as well move to Catalonia, North Korea or some other dictatorship.

  • As per my previous reply in this post. Somebody posts to say that they've been lonely for most of their life so a moderator replies to ask if the person has talked to their friends about this. That's what I meant about it being an insensitive reply.

  • 😊😂

  • Like I said no admin has to post replies and I applaud them for doing so. I don't see the purpose of criticising them for trying to help. They are only human and do get it wrong sometimes like anyone else.

    Like I said though they do a great deal on here to keep the site a safe and welcoming place for everyone, and they do it willingly and without payment.

    I can't see the purpose of keeping this going, so can we please end this here. Thank you. Lil x

  • Hi I understand so much of being lonely so many times I've told my family how incredibly loneliness can be even their reply is oh I no that's terrible or u should get out more but wenever u return home close your door your left with stark reality of silence a deafening silence looking around no one there no one to talk to to share your day no hug no embrace only that horrible hollow pit in your stomach today another day just same finding my life so difficult I really understand and my heart feels this pain day in day out night after night and I only wish someone could help

  • I agree, persistent long term loneliness can be a truly miserable experience sometimes, repeatedly going "home" to an empty house day after day after day. I'm determined to get the hang of it though!

  • Bless you. Reading your post resonates with me. I feel exactly like you. It's a horrid deep hollow pit in the stomach and my heart is broken. How do we get rid of this feeling?? It scares me.

  • I really hope that you still post me to find out how you are as be nice keep in touch xxx

  • i don't have friends that i can talk to about my feelings but i do have family i can talk to

  • Hi SuicidalPerson99, unfortunately loneliness is an increasing problem in today's society and a problem which quite often features in the news as well now. I've lived with loneliness for large parts of adult life, including the last few years. Just because you're feeling lonely at the moment, it doesn't mean that you always will be. You sound as though you're still young so you have lots of time for things to change. It's difficult to make friends when we're feeling very low and if we don't feel ok about ourselves, so taking a few steps to start working on your mental health would be a good move in terms of creating a better future for you and a future which has less loneliness and more friends in it. Please try to take good care of yourself and keep posting on here whenever you need to.

  • Keep on keeping on. Doing those courses, working, sport, exercise. Through these you will have social contact, but you will need to treasure and take good care of them.

    You are still young and things will change

  • Me too !

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