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Keep forgetting to take my anti

I have been on 50mg of sertraline for over three months now (I'm due a review of them this month) and when I was first put on them I took them daily, but in the run up to my daughter's birthday last Friday, I kept on forgetting to take them.

I have never had any type of counselling for my postnatal depression as I was ready for it when I was first diagnosed with postnatal depression, but every time I have asked for help over these past few years I've been fobbed off and told to sort my own counselling out and I told my GP that I'm not very confident at talking to people who I don't know over the phone, but i was ignored and told to sort it myself which is hard when I don't know how to find free or NHS counsellors.

I have tried searching online for counsellors and i found the mind online support network Elefriends, which I'm a member of and have made a new friend through.

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I have been on psychotherapy waiting list for 16months still no appointment. Thankful i am feeling fine now.

An possibility could stretch for private appointment? Just an idea.

Good luck x


Neither myself or my fiance work hun.


Hi Sophiesmummy2002, and welcome to the forum. It is good to hear you have made new friends through Mind charity. It is important to take your medication as prescribed so that you will have the maximum benefit. It may help to leave one of those "post it" notes out as a reminder to take this. It is easy to forget, especially when we are busy. I hope your daughter had a nice birthday. Please explain how you are feeling to your GP and ask if you can be referred to the Perinatal Mental Health team in your area. A course of cognitive Behavioural Therapy may help. PANDAS Foundation can offer support pandasfoundation.org.uk. Best wishes.


My daughter is 15 which is also how long I've had my postnatal depression for.

My daughter doesn't live with me as she was forcibly adopted against my wishes back in the spring of 2003 which was when she was between 6&8+months old.

I usually leave my tablets on top of the tv so that I can see them n remember to take them (which works when me and my fiance are at home), but because we are helping out one of my fiance's sisters (as both my fiance's middle sister and her partner work) out these past few weeks, I've had to leave them somewhere safe and hidden as my fiance's middle sister and her partner have three children, two of which are in high school and the other is in his last year in primary school, which also the child my fiance's sister thinks has a medical condition, but she's waiting to find out for sure.


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