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Good morning all, little about myself. I have struggled with mental health most of my adult life, I went away to uni in my early twenties suffered with depression, this was my first episode of psychosis was incredible scary I left uni. sunk into an eating disorder, months later I plunked up courage to see my GP, explained I was hearing voices she referred me to mental health team. At my first appointment I explained I felt I was being followed I could hear voices and chaotic eating, I was told I wasn't suffering with a psychotic episode, but I had depression and eating disorder, I was started on a course of antidepressants. Months later my mum became concerned with my health, and pleaded with me tell her what was wrong, I explained I was hearing voices, she arranged for me to see private psychiatrist, he was kind a listening ear and gave me confidence and self belief, here I was weaned off my medication. I went on to work full time, after time the voices faded. Roll on eight years time I was married, in a controlling relationship working long hours, the voices returned. My husband asked me to go on antidepressant and talk to my family, a month later he walked out on me, within a year I was divorced. I now was heard voices twenty four hours a day, I lived with these voices along time in a strange way they became my friends. Roll on another five years, my mum was very poorly with aggressive cancer she was given three months to live. I spent an increasing time with my mum, trying to support through an incredible hard time. Sadly my mum lose her battle to cancer, I became increasingly depressed, isolated and left work. My sister encouraged me to see the doctor, I was referred to battle health team this time I was diagnosed with schizophrenia, a very scary label which holds so much stigma. My family put pressure on me to return to work, I had various jobs all would fall through. Three years later I pleaded to come off my medication, I was slowly weaned off the medication, and remarkable I felt me again, I am trying to rebuild my life. I would very much like to hear from others and their battles with mental health, best wishes to you all.

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  • Hello Honey10, thank you and welcome to this community. It is good that you are at a stage now to rebuild your life having overcome so much. This is a very supportive community and other members will share their experiences with you. It may also be helpful to take a look at the pinned posts to the right of the screen where you will find a lot of useful information.Please keep posting and best wishes.

  • Thank you for your support.

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