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Does this happens to someone else? Or is it just me?

So this has never happened to me before.I heard people talking and I was like,okay they're talking but it isn't about me.And continued doing what I was doing.But recently...whenever people talk,I hear(Yes,hear) them talking about me.They're not(I think) talking about me but I always hear them talking about me...

And when I hear a voice or multiple voices far away I think that he's/they is/are talking about me.I can't even hear their conversations clearly.Why do I always hear and think they/him is/are talking about me? Am I the only one who has this problem? Talking to my mother is like talking to a wall.She doesn't believe me at all.So talking to her is useless.And I was wondering if someone has this same problem...

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I had a period when I thought I was being really paranoid and that people were talking about me. I was lucky at the time that I was seeing a psychologist so we spoke about this. We took a look at the situations where I felt this was happening and why I felt that I was being paranoid. It helped me to realize what was happening and how to deal with it. I also spoke to my doctor because I was feeling quite crazy at the time.

I'd suggest that you talk to an experienced person about this your doctor or therapist if you are seeing one and ask for further help to deal with this.

Take care.

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Darkness you asked a very similiar question a few days ago. I and others advised you to seek help. Have you done this yet? You need to see either your doctor or counsellor. x


I'm sorry its just that I don't have a doctor nor a consuellor.And I thought someone could help me or...nevermind.Asking strangers about this is as useless as trying to talk to my mother or another family member...I'll think of something soon or later.


Darkness I am helping by saying you need to seek professional help. No one knows why you think people are or are not talking about you or why you hear these voices. We are not medically trained on here which is why you need to see a doctor. You could be suffering from paranoia but we cannot give you a label like this, only a doctor can.

Whilst an incredible amount of supports exists on here it can only go so far and as fellow suffers of anxiety/depression we can only give our own experiences. Your mother can't know either.

This question needs professional advice and is beyond the remit of this site. I am not sure what you want us to say? I am sorry you are suffering like this and it must be very difficult for you, but we cannot answer your question I'm afraid. I do wish you the best. x


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