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How can I stop being so sensitive?

I'm a very sensitive person.And I really hate it man.I wish I could be strong like my father.He doesn't care what others think and say about him.But I'm not like that at all.Whenever someone talks bad about me,insults me,etc I always feel hella awful.I shouldn't care but I always do.I always end up crying in my room...and...I was wondering if someone knew how to be strong...


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Hello Darkness98 it's good to meet you. Whilst you are waiting for replies from our lovely members please familiarise yourself with the rules you will find in the pinned posts. You will see from those that swearing is not allowed on the site so I am asking you to please amend your post to delete these. These are the rules of Health Unlocked. Thank you. x


Oh :(

I'm so sorry...I just wanted to...ok I'll delete it.I'll stay weak and depressed.


Wait...I don't know how to delete it :(


No worries. I wasn't having a go but just letting you know. For the reasons why swearing isn't allowed please look at the pinned post entitled 'Use of Inappropriate language'.

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Thanks I really appreciate it. xx


Hi. I'm sorry that you're struggling with what should be a strengh not a weakness. Unfortunately our society values presently differ. Being sensitive makes us feel the pain of others too and be compassionate. But I appreciate that you wish to be able to manage it and live in some balance, a middle way instead of extreme.

It is difficult in a post to know exactly what type of sensitivity you are dealing with. So I can only generalise and tell you what I did.

1st you're are as worthy as anyone else. You need no comparison to anyone else, however much you value them. You'll have your strengh and weaknesses, similar to them.

Fighting your emotions never works. Embrace them and learn to manage them.

I was in a similar situation. What I did is observe those who triggered me and find out their motivation. When I found that ie X who bullied me was actually jealous of me or Y who was agressive racist (all true examples) I became able to see that it is them in fact that was the problem not me.

In time and with practice you'll learn to respond and say your mind calmlyrics and politly and therefore put incident behind you. Even if you have to come back to a person or issue.

You may find like me that reading on beeing over sensitive helpfull. There's even something called an empath, someone that feels and internalise other's emotions. There's scientific to spiritual writting on it, so you should hopefully find something that suits you. I hope you find an answer. Remember that you are not alone dealing with this. There's forum dedicated to it. We all keep growing and learning if we don't give up. This is your present path. You can visualise yourself in the future having learned to manage this like those before you. Meanwhile be gentle with yourself. 💗



Hello Dark , I think you might have some misconceptions about what it means to be strong and pretending not to care what others think. It's my opinion that people who say they don't care what others think are fooling themselves . It gets them off the hook and they don't have to change their behavior. Usually they care very much what their bosses or anyone in authority think and are harsh to people who have no recourse against them.

A sensitive person can be quite strong. I consider myself to be both. I am aware of my surroundings and the people in my life , but I am also able to endure many of life's challenges. I think that makes me strong and sensitive. Hope this makes sense to you. Pam


Hi Darkness 98

Great to meet another sensitive soul like me. The world needs more of us!

I've learnt after many many years that being sensitive is a rare quality that gives you a wonderful ability to empathise with others and form deep friendships.

Of course, the flip side is that we sensitives do just feel far too much, take things to heart, maybe cry easily, are super alert to hostile situations around us, even when we're not involved... any of this sound familiar?

It might be helpful for you to learn some coping strategies for when people are offensive to you. You won't be able to just shrug off what they say, like your father does - you're not made that way. But you can (and I believe should) learn to stand up for yourself (after all, why should any of us put up with people being rude to us?!). Just saying to someone that they've been offensive or hurtful to you may be enough to make you feel heaps better - and they might even apologise and be nicer to you in future. Practise in front of a mirror so you're ready next time someone puts you down.

The other thing to bear in mind is that people often appear to be criticising but it's not necessarily us they're getting at. So be careful to not to misinterpret what people say. Bit of a minefield I know but it does get easier the older you get!

I've grown a much thicker skin over the years which does make things easier. But I'll always have a sensitive personality and for that, now, I'm immensely grateful.


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Hey Buddy,

Being sensitive doesn't make you weak, it just means your more in touch with your feelings. I'm sure even if your Farther who doesn't care deep down cares as its only natural.

Depression/Anxiety can cause sensitivity and not help with your emotions, I regularly go from feeling sensitive, upset, hurt and have the lowest self esteem to when I'm not depressed to a Donald Trump mode (When the Anxiety and Depression goes)

What I'm trying to say is I'm one of the most confident people you would ever come across, but we all have periods of sensitivity, periods where worry of words can break your heart.

Think of it this way, if something saying something bad about you, not feeling upset is probably the unusual behavior.

I read the posts underneath and I saw you stated you are depressed which would also trigger these emotions, have you seen your GP about your depression? Perhaps talking therapy? Medication?

I wish you the best buddy



Thank you very much man.Those are wise words.And yeah I used to take pills for depression and therapy for many years.But then I got better and stopped going to the therapist and taking pills.I was good for two years...but it came again.I'm thinking of taking the depression pills again.Maybe that'll help.


Hey buddy!

Man I've been in this situation so many times, go to therapy and take the medication given and then to quit and boom a couple of months later I'm depressed again.

I just read a couple of your posts, ignore your neighbor HOW DARE HE TELL YOU TO BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF! Ignore his childish behavior, he really should be ashamed of himself.

FYI It's a lot harder now to get a job, you can't exactly walk into them like you could 20 years ago... I've plenty of time been out of work for months.

Also don't sweat about qualifications, I also failed maths 3 times.

But here's the thing half of people who go to University end up doing something completely different and there are plenty of opportunities to enhance your professional development in the workplace.

Although they are helpful, good old fashioned hard work is what employers really care about.

I left School with little qualifications but got qualifications through my workplace and became a Deputy Care Manager.

I actually now work for myself in E commerce as I told my Operational Manager to find a new mug, you know career suicide.

Your probably going to do hundreds of jobs in your life time, some great some not so great but you will find one that you enjoy and you can then always work hard and move up the ladder. Qualifications are not the end game and you can always enhance these. Employers just want hard working reliable people. Qualifications are only mildly beneficial but experience is king.

I'm sure something will turn up soon, its normal these days for a couple of months finding a job.

Don't beat yourself up, your trying and doing your best. Be strong!



The paragraph you wrote is amazing man.And your words are so wise that it makes me feel a bit better.I'll take your advices & always remember them...

Thank you bro.


I've always been very sensitive too and have never known how to overcome it. As an adult, as far as possible, I surround myself with people who are positive and not toxic in any way. I know that this is not always possible, however. I am willing to bet that you are more loving than most people out there, though...?

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Yes, you're right. I'll try to surround myself with positive people.Thanks :)


Hello☺️Someone I currently live with has been diagnosed with Hyper sensitivity .They find that they are emotional and sensitive . They don’t like feeling like this and have found a support group where they also receive counselling for support . They have told me although it started out feeling strange and emotional☺️They are beginning to feel stronger and more in control of outbursts . I also offer many hugs and a listening ear too. Just a thought that maybe a support group where you learn what it is to be you , and not to feel overwhelmed .

Good luck with whatever you choose to do . I hope it may of helped a little bit .


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