I'm depressed

I'm depressed

I have been trapped inside my house for a long time but I'm not saying I never go outside I do see movies in theaters sometimes and visit family members and get visited by them...But I am always trapped inside and just want to stay there for some reason my mind wants to stay but my heart wants to go... the feelings I feel every day are always there...the loss of interest and the enjoyment that I used to enjoy are gone... doing the same thing over and over again it's driving me nuts I do have friends over the internet that I talk time to time but the feelings are always there...I can't go outside or hang out with friends without feeling depressed.

I'm there for EVERYONE. But when the tables are turned and I need a shoulder to cry on, there's no one going to be there for me...

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  • I dont know what could have triggered it and i don't really like talking about these kind of stuff to my parents or people i know. they would most likely just tell me to man up and move on...

  • Sorry to hear that you're struggling with depression. Are you receiving any treatment for it? It doesn't sound like you have much support around you, which will make things more difficult for you.

  • i used to when i was a little bit younger i got pills to help me with my problems but taking the pills made me even more depressed and uneasy so i stopped taking them.

  • Hi Hep. You are not alone with these feelings. I don't leave the house for weeks at a time (my lawn is a mess). There doesn't need to be a trigger, a bad bout of depression can leave you unable to do anything.

    Has a doctor given you a diagnosis yet? Could be more than just depression. I have multiple, so takes a bit to get the meds right.

    Big hugs 🤗

  • Its been a long time since I seen a doctor about my problems and if I remember correctly all he said was that I had depression and I had to take pills that was it and I haven't seen a doctor ever since that day but my parents are foreigners so it's hard for them to call anyone because they don't really know who to call to and it's hard for them to speak English because they are foreigners... how about I call them?. I don't even know who to call either like I said I have been trapped inside almost all my life and I almost never go outside so I don't know places or what to do...I'm pretty much useless I don't even know how to save myself...

  • I'm new to this site, so not quite sure how private messaging works. Do you remember the name of the meds you had been on? Are you in the US or Canada?

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