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When you have things to do but no motivation


I have got so many things to get done today, most importantly something for work that needs to be in tomorrow mornig and yet no motivation. I just want to curl up and block the world and my thoughts out. I want everything just to end so that I can have some peace.

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With you girl. My depression is felt most in my complete lack of motivation. It's a rare day that I wake up and have the ability to put intent into action. There appears to be some missing connection. So even something simple like washing the dishes I cannot guarantee I'll be able to do that. I've gone thirsty and hungry because if it.

My meds have recently increased and I'm trying other things to lift mood - taking omega 3 supplements. So I've started to feel better but I'm kinda jittery inside so my focus on motivation is not there yet.

Looking at what you have to do.

Take a big deep breath and start. Whatever it is - it is achievable - do it now- it will take far less time than you imagine. You will finish it and have time to relax. You will feel good about yourself.

You will do it. You have done it in the past. You will do it in the future. You can do it now.

Big deep breaths and launch yourself into it.

Even say I will do 5 mins and stop. See if you do stop - you won't you'll keep going until it is finished because you can.

Deep breaths and do it. Feel your power rising and nail it.

Deep breaths.

Keep reading until action taken. Post on your remarkable success.

I'm off to do dishes as have motivated self.

F@@k didn't mean to do that!

Deep breath and go!

DMM218Ambassador in reply to DMM218

If you completely failing at doing, message me, I can talk to you as we start to do something. Not to put you off but to encourage action through steps and human interaction instead of the deep lonely think cyclone in your head which just repeats itself mindlessly. I'm mindless but in a different way!

DMM218Ambassador in reply to DMM218

I'm now having coffee and fag in garden to get some sun - I usually don't leave house. So I'm still working on motivation for dishes- just so you know I don't practice what I preach cos still depressed!!!

Sarah1111111Ambassador in reply to DMM218

At least you are out well done. I got dressed -step one- only about 12 hours late. Maybe a coffee?

DMM218Ambassador in reply to Sarah1111111

Yes - step one doesn't happen every day! A coffee is good to mull over next move. I'm finishing mine and going in to unload dishwasher(playing fanfare in my mind to highlight this heroic achievement)!


Depression is a real problem. When I get up in the morning I panic because of my PsA.

It takes me upward to 10;30 before I really feel I can get moving and start the day. Generally my activity starts on the Laptop and until after lunch, then I push myself to go out with Pax. By that time my pain medications start to kick in.

If I am having a busy day I push and push hard, I can sometimes start my day by ten.

Personally I cannot afford to let my mood slip to far, I need then to function and I have had an amount of training from pain clinic etc to push myself.


Sarah1111111Ambassador in reply to Hidden

My mood has slipped be been drinking I've run out of motivation to keep pushing myself.


Phon samaritans this they are phong me back soon again

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