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BPD/ EUPD assessment update

so an update...

after finding out by mistake that I had EUPD down as my diagnosis I queried it as I know that I didn't meet the criteria and had never been assessed for it. It has been a bit of a saga but have now been assessed by psychiatrist who didn't think i had it but because it was going against my records he then requested 2 psychologists do a 2 hour assessment. Their conclusion - they agreed with him ( and all previous assessments i'd had in the last year) i didn't have it. They have now changed the whole way they diagnose EUPD/BPD and are making sure that anyone who might have it is given a proper assessment with the psychology team to make sure it doesn't happen again.

I suppose it just shows that we shouldn't just accept what they tell us but if we feel we have the wrong diagnosis to challenge it. It was hard work as every time i challenged it they pointed out that disagreeing was a symptom of BPD so you have to be brave and stick to it but it is worth it to make sure that you get the right treatment.

The whole way they treat you for EUPD is different to depression so it is important and it does matter.

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Well done Sarah, you knew your own body and researched the subject fully and I am sure you were very polite and informative and they listened to you. So you now have the right diagnosis and treatment. I hope you are now coping well and feeling much better.


I am feeling much more like me although I know this is because I have pushed everything back down rather than dealing with it -they stopped my therapy when they decided I had Bpd as they reckoned it wouldn't work and now I am back on the bottom of the wait list and having to wait again until there is a therapist with space to see me. Hopefully when I do it will help, but at the moment I am just enjoying being able to start living life again.

I think I have just been shocked by the whole way this happened and I wonder how common it is within mental health. It wasn't till I was feeling better that I felt anywhere near able to challenge it by which time it was almost too late to get the right treatment.



Well done with your research and turning your diagnosis around. It will help and give you encouragement. to move on to a better place



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