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Calorie counting :/


I was just wondering what to do...

It seems that for the past few weeks I've been eating less and been caring a lot more about my weight. I've started to count how much calories I eat a day and everyday I eat about 500 calories. Is that bad?

If I eat more than that then I begin to feel guilty and ashamed.

I've also been sleeping a lot more so I won't become as hungry and won't have to think about food as much.

What should I do?

Is it anything to worry about?

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500 calories is far too low and you are sending your body into starvation mode. When this happens your body tries desperately to hold onto calories and one of the things it does is to lower your metablism. This will make it even harder to lose weight and you will put more back on when you start eating normally again. This is called yo-yo dieting.

The way to stop this is to concentrate on healthy eating. This way is sustainable for life. You would be surprised how many calories you can eat and still lose weight the sensible way. I know it doesn't make sense eating more to lose weight but it ties in with how our bodies work. You also can't be getting all the nutrients you need from just 500 calories.

There is a very good weight loss site on here so why don't you join it? They be able to give you a lot of help and advice on losing weight the healthy way.


How do I get to the page?

Also. About the healthy eating I tried to eat more but I feel guilty and then I get a sick feeling. It's like I won't allow my self to eat x


Hi go into 'my communities' at the top of the page, 'browse other communities' and in the search box which appears type in weight loss Nhs. This will bring the site up for you to follow.

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Hiya, according to the National Health Service (NHS), UK, the average male adult needs approximately 2,500 calories per day to keep his weight constant, while the average adult female needs 2,000. I think it would be worth getting some professional advice from a qualified dietician, maybe through your doctor, to help you manage your situation properly. Take care.


Do I you think it is worth getting professional help?

It doesn't seem to me like it's anything to worry about


Hiya, yes, I think speaking to a qualified person about the right diet for you to ensure you are getting the correct nutritional balance would be beneficial.



It seems you May be starving your body. 500 calories is to low and your body will begin to use its own fat to feed itself, also I would be concerned this will become a Mental Health problem.

Make an appointment with your GP for next week and explain what is happening that you are afraid too eat over 500 calories a day and you may be developing an eating disorder.

There are sites on Healthunlocked to give support on this type of problem as well, they an be found in the index on HU pages above.

However you need to talk to your GP and He will arrange treatment for you.

If you are eating less and your body needs food it will make you feel tired as the body begins to look for additional food to keep it going. You are on a slippery slope, the brain needs food to work well. You are starving yourself



Hi Confused, 500 calories a day is really insufficient for a daily amount. You risk becoming nutritionally deficient and unwell. As other replies have suggested, it would be a good idea to see your GP to discuss these issues. The practice nurse is also able to give dietary advice / leaflets etc. There is information on NHS Choices website [Healthy Eating Plate] which may be useful to you. Best wishes.


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