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Need help

Hello. I am 30 years old. I have suffered with depression for 15 years. I have severe anxiety and very bad depression. I work full time in a complaints led industry. I love my job but hate my job too. I feel incompetent. Stupid. Uneducated and useless. I cry nearly everyday because of the emails I get from work but cannot leave as I earn good money and am the breadwinner at home.

Should I go off sick of would it be to dangerous as I could lose my job

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Ok - you have depression. If u work in UK you have certain rights as an employee. There is specific rules about what employers can do with regard to people with ill health or disability such as depression. Firstly, get some legal advice. Trade unions, CAB can help. You may even have insurance to cover lawyers fees - Che k out household insurance policy if you have it. Also, look out your employment contract. Some big companies will actually have guidance for helping employees with mental health issues.

Maybe take some time off - again rules on sick pay apply. Check out where you stand.

If disabled - UK companies have to make adjustments to employees working conditions so as not to discriminate against them. This can be really helpful.

So there are lots of things before not working is an issue.

Things are quite clear if work related stress is affecting your ability to work, your employer must look at that and try to change it. They have duties towards you.

If you can sort out work for a bit hopefully that will give you a boost and prevent depression getting worse. This would help.

So talk to GP. Speak to CAB.


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