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I'm new here and just looking for advice


So for a while now I have generally been struggling with just feeling down. i often feel at work nothing is ever good enough. I tend to struggle with motivation to do anything such as getting up to go to work or even to go and see family.

I don't know what I am trying to achieve by talking on here but I have struggled with doctors who just seem to want to put me on medication and leave it and that.

Do other people feel like this?

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Many people on site can feel the same way. You could make a list of your concerns and make a further appointment with your GP

Your GP has other options that may help, you could talk out your problems with a course of CBT your GP can arrange that for you. If your GP has suggested medications, give it a go and see if that helps. Addressing your fears and concerns does help so your Doctor may feel a treatment plan will work for you.

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Hey YES! Every day.

Finding purpose has been my issue after my long term marriage break down. The kids have all grown up and moved out and now he is gone too.

Redifining myself has helped and finding new goals and reasons to get up.

As corny as it sounds - count your blessings, then your skills, remember every new day is a new start,- get some counselling and some control over who you want to be, where you want to go - when its about you, when its what you want - the motivation comes

.... but it is hard getting there and sometimes it slips away again. Be NICE to yourself. for what its worth thats my advice. take care x.

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