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I don't know what's wrong with me

Over the past few years I've had my parents split up, about 9 people in my family die in a short space of time :( plus I've been bullied in school, I've never forgot some of the cruel comments from bullies in school, comments from family about my weight as I'm a size 18-20. Last year my first love left me for somebody else after 3 years bein together. I got my first job but it feels strange. I struggle to talk to people as I'm very anxious am self consious, I need help

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Hello Princess

Sorry you are going through a rough time, loosing family member in an extended pod is very unpleasant. I know how you feel I have gone through many family deaths and we never get used to the loss. It is sad your Parents have split up and you have lost your family dynamic and that can be hard to come to terms with.

Talk to your Mother if you are living with Her and explain how you feel regards family losses and try and remember that past with them when they were vital and alive, we all have fond memories of these people so share with someone you love.

Hopefully you will have access to your Father, the same applies there with family members past on His side of the fence. It will take a long time to accept the loss of those people who have gone before, here is nothing we can do is move on and get on with your life.

Just because of family breakup does not mean you cannot have access to both parents, it can however be up to you to keep in contact with the displaced family member and try and at east talk on the phone or write to each other, hopefully you will be able to visit on some form of regular visit.

Regards your weight gain, I am like you although older and I am really cuddly in some ways

Talk to your GP and they can arrange a diet for you, are you keen on swimming or other activities, that will help burn up he calories. I suppose being well built people will bully you and given your situation discuss this problem with your Form Master and get it stopped.

Bullies are cowards and they work on the principal you will be frightened to tell, you have gone through enough pain and that may be showing and the bully will look for that weakness. You need to nip this in the bud NOW.

Regards loosing your first love, you will go through many relationships before you find that Mr RIGHT. You are young, studying and wanting to loose weight, try to be kind with yourself and remember life can be cruel, you are not alone. You are going to meet many people in your next ten years I can only suggest is hold on and enjoy what live can have in store for you


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hey I know whats wrong with you!!! Nothing.

It sounds like you have had such a tough time lately and yes it can become overwhelming. Thats normal, natural, understandable it doesn't mean theres some thing wrong with YOU.

Parents splitting up (mine did too- not your fault)

family members dying (same here - not your fault)

bullying (not your fault)

my husband of 23 yrs left me for someone else - so your man leaving you for some one else (not your fault!!)

relationships are meant to be worked on and obviously you were prepared to.

being anxious and self conscious after every thing you have been through is understandable.

First jobs do feel strange - until you get the hang of them! (not your fault)

Hold your head up high, this horrible time will pass. In the meantime be nice to yourself, see your GP if it is too hard. and keep in touch.


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