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Hi guys

Hi guys,

Im wondering if there may be anybody else out there struggling with depression/anxiety/self doubt thats around my age? Im 19 years old going on 20 and I'm not working. My family are looking for jobs for me and everything i see i think I'm not capable of. I feel as though im to young to be feeling this way... everyone else my age is having fun.

Would love to hear from other people.

Thanks, Taylor xxxx

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Hi, and yes.

I'm 19 years old, soon to be 20 in October. I also struggle with depression, (social) anxiety, and self-doubt. The financial situation is going to become worse for us, as my mother will no longer receive any money for me as of September.

As I get older, I'm more and more desperate to find work, mainly because I want to be more financially independent, and not, well, broke. But, I find myself not doing so due to fear and doubts, caused by my social anxiety and depression. And much like you, I simply couldn't imagine myself coping with it all.

I agree, it's depressing to see others around my age living normal, functional lives. Doing part-time work or paid apprenticeships, going out to parties, having loads of friends, just plain old having fun.

Then there's me. It feels like as the days, weeks, months go by, I'm wasting away my youth. I missed out on being a normal teenager, and I don't want miss out on having fun in my twenties.


Anywho. I'm thinking about doing some part-time volunteering at first. Good work experience, and I get to familiarise myself with the 'feeling' of having a job. I've also contemplated going on a paid apprenticeship.

Apprenticeships are interested in teaching you how to do work, they expect you to be an amateur. With many of them, you earn a qualification, and you are paid. Even better, they show preference to those around our age, with their apprenticeships usually being 18-24.

I've also considered part-time employment. Maybe something not too demanding. Perhaps a zero hours contract job. I'm not even sure.

Unfortunately, I'm personally am not capable of any of those, I don't think.


It's very nice that your family is being supportive, and are helping you to find work. Have you shared these doubts you have with your family members?

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Hello TaylorAnnne ! ;)

Sadly TOO many people struggle & suffer with depression, anxiety & self-doubt - TOO many . . . . . . and of all ages ! So be grateful (to yourself at least !) that you are seeking solutions to these SUB-OPTIMAL living states at your young age ! Good decision ! You may 'be' ** smarter that you realise ! ! ! ;)

I suggest you start off by reading a simple little ( - and quite old) book, 'Overcoming Depression' by Paul Hauck: see what you make of this . . . . . taking it SLOW and steady. The fundamental ideas therein have been tested & retested . . . . . and been found to be helpful by more people than you and I will ever know ! Plenty of low priced pre-owned copies via sites like Fbay ! ;)

Hope that's given you a GREAT steady start in the right direction ! Feedback on here, perhaps chapter by chapter, as you absorb the sound WISDOM and life experience Paul H. imparts: note ALSO to whom the book is dedicated - one of the greatest minds ( - in human psychological well-being in history ! ! !). More to read by that author too, once you've had a closer look at the above and Paul H's other works, . . . . . in due course !

All the very best for this and the rest of your journey . . . . . one fine breath and one fine step at a time ! Slow and steady does it . . . . . ;)


15 July 2017

** - you'll later get a BETTER understanding of "smart 'is' as smart DOES" . . . . esp. if you go one to progress to investigating the fundamentals of E-prime, or simply E', in due course !



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