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Hi Everyone I have been working hard at my gran's house

I Have been cleaning gran's bathroom and bedroom and I am really shattered

and when if I feel really shattered I feel emotional. forgot to take my Meds this morning because my fiancée shouted at me and made me cry that made me forget to take my meds but I took later on. I was too busy crying to take them. I had a good day yesterday but not too good today probably after he shouted at me. I hate housework or doing anything it made me tired my family don't understand that I have mental health problems and I get tired doing the slightest thing.

Hope you are ok




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I understand how you feel and I know how alone and misunderstood it seems you are. There are a couple of things I want to remind you of. You're feelings aren't always correct when it comes to other people. You don't know how they feel. You have to be careful not to become your illness, don't let it control you. You still have a will although it can be hard to exercise it. And finally I get thee feeling you are using your illness to manipulate the people in your life. Just think about this for awhile, don't reject the idea with out consideration. You want to get through this difficult time in you life as gracefully as you can and then when you are well you will have few regrets. Pam, who is sweet and sour.


One more thing.... if you can, keep an extra days meds in your purse so you're never without them.


Life is full of complications when it comes to taking medications. My drugs have been removed and hidden from me because of problems associated with my various conditions

My Wife now looks after them and they are hidden so that is one responsibility of many that has been taken out of my hands.

In my case I am stuck cannot do housework and gardening has become a problem because of my disability. It would be great if I could help more, that will now not happen, even the Orchard has been in many ways taken out of my hands and just now before taking our dog out I was given several Apricots of my trees too try.

Domestic work is not that good although if someone who cannot do it feels thankful to you that can be something that can break through your tiredness.

What has your boyfriend been shouting at you for, you need a little kindness and understanding to move you to a happy place especially if tired


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