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Getting out of a depressive state


I've suffered with depression before back when I was homeless and in care. I got myself back together, felt and had a brighter outlook on life. Recently a lot of crappy things have happened and I found myself in the pit of depression again. The constent low empty feeling, going to work then completely isolating myself from everyone, roller coaster of emotions and loss of appetite so much I can only eating yoghurts eating makes me feel so sick. There's just so many things going wrong and I'm trying so hard to fight through it all but it's always 1 step forward 5 steps back just don't know what to do anymore?

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Hey buddy, I don't if this will help, it depends on the person abd the cause of the depression, but something my brother told me that helped to focus him is to have a goal or an objective, something you want to achieve or work towards, anything that can give you purpose and something stable to hold on to in this midst of bloody shit. It can be sport related (cycling 100km or running a marathok or even swimming 30 laps non stop for example) it can be entrepreneurial, creating a blog, creating art, wjatever your interests are or whatecer passion you have take a week, 2weeks, however long to just take time abd think about what it was and have that as something to reach for. It will be something i am going to try. It wont be easy but it can be the lottle light when we are sitting in our deep dark cave trying to find our way out. Xxxx

And something else. Its easy to be fooled by this illness that we are no longer the people we are before, simply a shell, but dobt listen to the man that is covering your eyes and telling you the sun is gone. You have overcome and worked your way from being homeless to getting a job. If that doesnt scream determination and grit I dont know what does. Keep fighting, you are bloody strong, we just need to dig our selves out again xx

Hi there I am happy to talk about what you are going through and I am also amazed at how clever you are to get yourself out of depression and homelessness and obviously get a job. I'm so interested in how you did what you did and as a sufferer myself and trying to start over maybe we could help each other 💞

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