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Hi Im 48 yrs old, I work a full time job as an electrician, I work three 12 hour shifts and one aix hour shift, but the whole time im at work I am so tired and just want it to be over, then when Im home i stay in bed, and feel like something is keeping me from getting up, I lay there all day, I used to enjoy so many things, I have an old 1970 corvette which I used to spend alot of time with but for the last 10 years I dont care about to much of anything, I just feel like sleeping, my mind is working overtime with what I need to do, I feel guilt cause my wife takes care of almostt everything, it feels like something is keeping me from doing everything that i used to enjoy, everything is a task, I even dread vacation or panic sets in when someone knocks on the front door, at night I think most is ok and I tell myself what im going to do the next day, but then nothing, Im so tired of feeling this way and nobody understands, I think they feel im just lazy, Im a strong smart man but something is keeping me down, hopefully someone on here can help with what will work, I want to smile agian and look forward to the next morning,

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Hi welcome to the site. Well the first step is a visit to your doctor. There might be something physically wrong so ask her/him to do some tests. If nothing is found then it might be depression. Whichever way you will get some help. You don't have to carry on feeling like this. There is help and hope out there and you just have to find it.

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I agree with Lilaclil, there is help out there so you just have to find it. There needs to be an investigation into why you are so tired and have no motivation or interest to do anything, except lie in bed. These are symptoms of depression you have told us which is treatable, but there may be underlying causes as well.

Please visit your Doctor and let us know how you get on.


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