I have been thinking... So many adverts, people, social media posts try to encourage people to get help with their depression. Many people after years of being ashamed and embarassed, years of struggling finally reach out for help and go to their doctor... Just to get dirty looks like you are making it up. It truly disgusts me​ and i wish doctors had a less judgy approach to dealing with patients with such issues. Has anyone ever thought the same?

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  • Went to a GP who was actually really nice and sensitive about it. She unfortunately was only a temp there, however the place I was referred to was awful, and made me feel guilty for it. Back during school i had to see a school nurse regularly for my mood and they told me that until i get my act together i can't be a good friend nor daughter to my mum! And the nurses i see regularly due to another medication completely dismiss my mood and tell me to just toughen up and i'm just being hormonal.

    It's a good thing that awareness is being spread, and like the royals trying to help get rid of the stigma, but as well as raising awareness they need to concentrate on the actual health services, its no good giving people the confidence to reach out when the services just belittle us and make us feel worse!

  • That's exactly how i feel. Went to a therapist once and she was like you need to let go of the past and stop negative thinking because you're self criticising. Well no shit.

  • I never forget that they work for me. The Doctors, the nurses and the hospital and the pharmacy. They know me well and probably don't like me much. I look at it this way ,This is my only life and I would like to enjoy the rest of it. The system is built with frustrations in it . Every part of my body belongs to a specialist and they don't cross over. They are afraid of stepping on toes. Each Dr. is allowed 15 min. to check me out , ask if there are changes and prescribe. Then he is out the door. I always write questions down which I rarely get answered. So I go home and Google, come on this form and read all I can. Next visit sensing my controlled anger they listen and then go right back to their original thinking. When I told my Dr. about something useful I had learned on this site he responded by saying Do you want you diagnose coming from some person you know nothing about, or do you want a qualified physician ? It depends say I on what the diagnoses is.I see his PA now, who is very good.Probably time to move on, but my insurance co is always there in the background. I'm in the U.S. I'm sure you figured that out. I have great insurance and I know I am blessed although I did work for it. I don't feel the quality of care is there and if not for me then what are others doing/iT IS A CRIME. pAM

  • The first doctor I went to for years with my depression issues was awful. He didn't diagnose me with depression but sleep problems and just gave me a pep talk and slung some sleep leaflets at me. I was so upset I was in tears. It took me 4 months to go back to another doctor who fortunately was lovely and got me treatment and help.

    I guess doctors are all human and some get it and others don't.

  • Lilaclil's last sentence sums it up perfectly. Some doctors get it, some don't. Here's my approach: If you don't get what you need in your first visit, make another appointment with a different doctor. Once you find a doctor you feel you can work with, try and see that same one each time if that's possible.

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