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Ugh, anxiety/depression etc can be rough... 😖

Hi Patricia

I'm from N Ireland too & really struggling with severe anxiety & depression (amongst other conditions like fibromyalgia etc). I used to work full time and do a lot of voluntary work at an animal sanctuary at weekends (I prefer animals to most people) but my anxiety & depression have got so bad that I can't even do that anymore. It's weird how quickly your life can change... I'm no expert on any medical condition. I only have my own experiences to go by, but just give me a shout if you ever need to vent or anything.

I'm still new to this site so I'm still checking it out but I imagine there's a way to PM anyone if needed.

Take care & hang in there :)

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Thank you for sharing. I am new here too. Animals are wonderful, aren't they? I am sorry you cannot spend time with them as much as you used to. Do you have pets at home?


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