Hey lately for the Past 2-3 weeks I've been feeling down and I feel like I have no reason left to live like no one would even care Ido were to die i mean what's the point of living anyway because at one stage we are gonna die to help with the pain I started self harming and yes this does help but now I can't help myself but do I just want an easy way out kinda I feel depressed about everything- life school,people and I want it to stop all of it

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  • I'm wodmerign how old you arr as you mention school? Is there someone there you can talk to? Self harm seems to help in the short term but can be addictive and difficult to stop so if you can find other ways to cope that will be better in the long run. Self care is the opposite and can help. For example using nice products to give yourself a massage, eating healthy foods etc. In the short term when you want to self harm holding ice cubes, writing on yourself with red pen, or snapping bands against your wrist might help. Do try and talk to someone though that you trust so that you can get some help -you deserve it xx

  • I'm 17 x

  • Hi Charlottle,

    Well there's people on here that would care! I've been there, it's hard, it's painful and it seems impossible to stop!

    Please go talk to someone about how you feel, family is a good start, if you can't face that then a doctor.

    There is no shame in asking for help at all!

  • Hi sorry to hear this. It is very difficult to give you any advice without knowing how old you are. What is your age please?

  • 17

  • How old are you 🙁

  • 17

  • Hi sorry I was asking because you mentioned school and as the minimum age on here is 16 I was worried you were under age.

    Well as you are 17 you will soon be an adult at 18 and can do what you want then. In the meantime please see a doctor because I am concerned about your self harming. This can become addictive and get worse over time and is a red flag you need help.

    Isn't there a school counsellor you can talk to? Or can you see your doctor. Have you got family support and can your parents help you as well?

  • No ther is no one I don't want to stop self harming it's my escape

  • There are much better and healthier ways to learn to deal with your pain rather than self harming. You need medical help and counselling. Self harming is a one way ticket to nowhere. It may seem like an answer at the moment but trust me it won't be.

    Did you know people who self harm have a much greater risk of suicide? What are you going to do when your self harm no longer helps in the same way coz this will happen you know. Do you cut deeper and deeper until you do yourself some nerve damage? Would you like to live your life with deep scars all over your body? Or be unable to use your hand, arm, legs properly.

    Be an adult and seek help to find a way to stop the need for this. That's what grown ups do you know - they seek help.

  • No one can help I self harm to give myself punishment for what I have do I can't stop. I won't stop

  • Don't you think this reply is a little harsh? I know tough love is sometimes an option but 'Happy cutting!' ?

  • I thought that was your intentions, I didn't think you meant to offend anyone. Thanks for editing your comment though :) x

  • Deleted my replies now.

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