Wondering what I have really


For past few years I have been constantly really low energy (to the point where a 6hr shift wipes me out and i dont want to move from the sofa, and if i have to do an early shift i need 3hrs nap in the afternoon)

I never think good about myself, never really see myself as any value, I sleep plently, 10hrs a day sometimes and still feel exhausted. I get regular headaches and ill very easily.... I never want to go out either like really introverted i guess.... i literally go to work and stay at home the rest of time but its becoming more of a battle recently. Any idea what I might have, dont really want to go to doctors as im probably being stupid and dont want to waste his time

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  • Hi welcome to the site. I think you should go to the doctors as there might be a physical cause to your symptoms such as low vitamin levels or something.

    Do you think you could be suffering from depression? Some of your symptoms seem to point to it. There are online depression tests you can do which might give you a guide.

    However no one on here can diagnose you so go to your doctors for a diagnosis. What have you got to lose? The doctor will not think you are wasting their time and if you are diagnosed with anything such as depression then you can get the help you need.

    The second most popular reason for doctors visits is mental health issues so your doctor will have seen and heard it all before.

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