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Hi I don't know what to say but why is it so hard for some family members just to understand how u r feeling and how comes when u try and explain they male it about themselves. And I when to doctor on Monday they weren't really helpful and didnt understand thats what I thought would happen and it did they said it is just a bad patch and I should feel better again the thing is it meant a lot to me to go doctors and hearing that made me feel that I was right to stay away I won't be going back.

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  • what's going on, do you need to talk?

  • Hi I only have 3 sisters and none of them wanted to know. One said in a snotty self pitying tone 'What have you got to be depressed about'? Another looked embarrassed and said nothing, and the 3rd immediately started talking only about her own problems and how bad they were. I have never mentioned it to any of them since.

    The first doctor I saw was horrible. He didn't diagnose me with depression but just gave a lecture on sleeping patterns and a few leaflets. I was so upset I was crying as it had taken a lot to make myself go.

    It took me over 4 months to pluck up the courage to see another doctor. Fortunately she was brilliant, diagnosed me, and put me forward for counselling.

    So please don't give up but try a different doctor next time. Not all of them get it but the ones that do are very good. Pick one you think would be more sympathetic or ask the receptionists who is the nicest most understanding one. Please try again.

  • Hi Jorna,Other people, be they family or medical staff, are not all equal. Some will be caring and concerned, helpful, and some not so much.You have to keep looking and trying to make relationships. If you want to get well you need to help yourself to some extent. Before you became depressed, how helpful and sympathetic were you to depressed people?People in general need to pay attention to how others are getting on. Do you have any one in your family you are close to or could become closer to? My experience has been... people who haven't experienced it don't have much knowledge or interest in it.We need to be better than that and that's why health forums are so important. Keep looking for a Doctor you like. You need a professional on your side. Pam

  • I can't talk to my family about what I'm going through either because they seem to have a stigma about depression and act like it's not a real thing. This annoys me even more because my dad is a gp and sees people for depression all the time- and I know he wouldn't be able to speak back to them like that and saying it's not a real thing. I'm trying to find a doctor atm that understands and my friend who's gone through depression a long time now told me someone I can see about it that apparently listens. It is really really hard but don't let them make you feel like you should give up on getting help.

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