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Today is the day that my local mental health trust sign me off and discharge me, all because I didn't get on with my RECOVERY NAVIGATOR and asked for a replacement. I am grieving at the moment for my dear Mum who passed in mid March this year and today I am hoping to speak with a solicitor to challenge my Mum's Will as I have to leave the family home, where I had cared for her 24/7 for years. Can it get any worse? I have told the MH trust that they have missed the main reasons for my anxiety I have had for years and the underlying problems. 2 years ago, I had a brilliant recovery navigator for one and a half hours per fortnight but when I asked for more time, for my therapy, I was not permitted to ask and discharged.......

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  • HIi I am in the UK and have never heard of a recovery navigator so what is this please? It doesn't seem right that you are being discharged prematurely. Are you in the USA? Is it your insurance which won't pay for any more treatments? If not can you continue to see someone? If the former then I can't advice you as I don't know the system where you are.

    Hopefully someone else will be able to help.

  • I am in South West UK. The local mental health recovery team appoint a psychiatric nurse to help you to get out and about after they recognise you have depression, or as in my case, lack of confidence. This was ok for two years and I had a really good guy who I met up with every two weeks, but this time I didn't feel was enough, so I asked for more time, but all they did was to put me in touch with other mental health services, but my problem was I couldn't get to them due to lack of confidence. So they discharged and then slipped back into low state. I was caring for my elderly mother at that time so my mind was elsewhere.

    I have been discharged again today to a new scheme where you meet a volunteer who can help you get out and about again.

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