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I'm Willow. I'm the kind of person who takes online tests about depression and mental disorders. My best friend has heavy depression and anxiety and is usually not at school.

I'm not very chatty at school, my self-confidence is practically non-existent, self doubt is annoying. People at my school annoy me because sometimes they can't get the answer to 74+1 (we did that in 5th grade, this has been annoying me so much). I'm in the top group for everything but people are slow, they take about 7 minutes getting a ruler. This agitates me a lot, it sometimes puts me off (focusing/concentrating).

I know that the online tests are not accurate but always look up depression and bipolar disorder. I have symptoms of them both,

Is it possible I am bipolar and I'm depressed?

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I am not a Doctor, but seems like you have similar symptoms. You sound like your suffering with deep anxiety. See your go. Take a friend or family member you trust with you do you can remember what has been said. Remember stars dont shine without darkness. Take that first step

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Googling all of that can make you more depressed. Have a talk with a professional about your feelings and she/he can do a proper evaluation. Take care.


Hi Willow, from the little you've said I wouldn't say you had any disorder, feeling shy at school and annoyed with other students could just be a normal experience. I work as a psychologtical therapist and there are plenty of days where I could score above the cut off on messages of depression (phq9) and anxiety (gad7) and that's perfectly normal.

Like others have said, if concerned then you can speak to your GP. But I wouldn't get to caught up in online tests and remember that everyone will experience some symptoms of depression and anxiety and our moods will naturally go up and down.


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