Losing the fight

So it's been a while since I've been able to admit my feelings. Today I just feel hopeless. I'm losing my grip on reality and feeling claustrophobic in my mind. Nothing seems to spark my mind. I can't even stand to be touched and I'm rejecting all the people who want me. All I see is fake and failure around me. It's now been 6 years since I felt human. Does anyone know how to beat this or is it all just pointless?

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  • Hi Aiden , Do you know roly poly bugs , if you touch them they roll up into a ball to protect themselves? That's how it feels to me when I read your post, and I have felt that way myself. I get very sensitive and the world gets too ugly. Mostly I always recommend facing your fears and whatever issues you have, but sometimes taking a break a short break can restore some of your energy or fight. My mind gets tired, I get tired, and I just want peace and quiet. But and it's an important but, you need to set a limit on this indulgence and return to the Frey. Once more into the breech, if you like Shakespeare as I do. Think of some of the people who have made a difference in the world even though they have felt quite alone and had self doubt. Eleanor Roosevelt use to say 'Do one thing every day that you fear ' and then there is Churchill and his 'black dog' He accomplished so much in spite of or because of his depression who knows ? There has to be a point to the world and this is just my 2 cents worth.... the world runs on fear and it needs to run on love. It's taking a long time to change the way we think about ourselves and others. Ok, I'll stop the rant. Never give up. Pam

  • Hi Aiden, How are you today ? I'm wondering what you mean by not feeling human ? You are a human therefore whatever you feel is a human feeling. I wonder if we ever know how some one else feels. People often say that to each other but I don't know if we're capable of it. I guess there are degrees of sensitivities. Maybe that is why some are more prone to anxiety or depression etc. Have a peaceful night. Pam

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